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Game Updates 05/25/2020

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Game Updates 05/25/2020 Empty
PostSubject: Game Updates 05/25/2020 Game Updates 05/25/2020 Icon_minitimeThu May 28, 2020 12:56 pm

🔹 Resolved a display issue that could cause Strategic Terrain or gathering nodes to
      incorrectly appear as unoccupied.
🔹 Improved the speed at which visual changes in Peace Shields are updated on the
      Combat Map
🔹 Resolved an issue that caused swapping gearsets with an equipment loadout to
       overlap power level text.
🔹 Fixed an issue on some devices in which the game would give an ‘Out of Sync’ error
      after trying to upgrade a building without enough gold.
🔹 Fixed a potentially unresponsive button in both Liege chat and Tavern rewards.
🔹 Fixed a bug that would cause scouting icons to appear as white boxes.
🔹 Newly purchased maesters now appear in the Maester Tower immediately.
🔹 Fixed an issue in the Liege Finder that offered players to join their own Bannerman.
🔹 Fixed an issue that caused Allegiance Leaderboard reward messages on certain
      events to not display placing or points.
🔹 Fixed a display issue that caused the Accelerate Dragon panel to not update the time
      remaining when using speedups
🔹 Resolved an error with the Message Center that would cause new messages to
      decrease the notification button number.
🔹 Fixed an issue could cause the game to become unresponsive in the tutorial if the
      player lost internet connection.
🔹 Resolved an Equipment panel display issue that could cause icons to temporarily
      disappear if too many pieces of the same level gear were on screen at once.
🔹 Fixed a problem that caused Instant Boosts from chests to not properly display an
      overwrite warning when replacing boosts.
🔹 UI/UX Fixes

**Upcoming Updates**
This update supports several new quality of life improvements that will gradually be rolled out to players in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for:

🔹 New in-game notification popup to warn you when your internet connection is
       unstable. This will start rolling out to select kingdoms soon!
🔹 A new in-game notification to inform you when an incoming attack march has been
      recalled. This includes but is not limited to, recalled attacks against your keep, Seat of
      Power, or nodes that you may be reinforcing.
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Game Updates 05/25/2020

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