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gear planner

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PostSubject: gear planner gear planner Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2020 9:02 am

GoT:C Gear Planner

Recently a tool has been developed to assist players in making informed decisions regarding gear set selections in game.
This tool includes information for gear of all qualities for level 30-45.
In this quick guide we will run through how the tool works and what each tab does.

Battle Gear - Stats Generator
gear planner Unknown

This tab is setup as a sandbox for player's to make slight changes to a gear set and automatically calculate various stats, this will assist the player in making an informed decision.
Each gear slot can be customised individually (gear set, quality, level)
At the bottom are three sections to display stats that apply in various situations, these situations can be adjusted/changed to display what the player wishes to look at.
Options are:
Attack vs. Player
Defend vs. Player
Attack at SoP
Defend at SoP
Attack Creature
Please note: - This tab does not incorporate armory stats

Battle Gear - Stats
gear planner Unknown

This tab operates in the same fashion as the above with the addition of armory stats (explained in next section)

Armory Config
gear planner Unknown

This tab allows a player to input information related their armory stats.
By inputting the collection level for each armory and marking "no" for any armory requirement conditions not being met the tool is able to calculate a player's armory stats.

Please Note: - Currently the tool only includes armory stats for collection level 100+

Set Builder - Single Stat
gear planner Unknown

This tab allows a player to see which pieces are the best in each slot for a single chosen stat.
Criteria used for search:
This tab can be beneficial for looking at gear pieces where only a single stat is being sought (ie Wall Damage Bonus)

Set Builder - Targeted
gear planner Unknown

This tab provides information to a player for the best pieces in each slot where similar basic stats can stack.
A good example of this is March Size and March Speed stats.

Battle Gear - GoTC Tips
gear planner Unknown

This tab includes preset gear loadouts that align with recommendations from the team at GoT:C Tips.
Recommendations are setup for level 30-45 and armory stats can be toggled on/off

Current Version
(insert here)

Future Updates & Requests
The tool will be updated each month to incorporate new gear sets and trinkets released in game.
Future updates to the tool include the incorporation of research and building enhancement stats.
If you wish to request an addition to the tool please DM me at any time with your suggestion and the feasibility will be investigated
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gear planner

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