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PostSubject: EnhancementGuide EnhancementGuide  Icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2020 2:15 pm

Building Enhancement Guide

Enhancements are a feature of the game which are often neglected or not fully understood by many players, yet they can provide significant boosts to your stats, reaching up to a huge 76% in some areas. The value per investment may not be as good as that of the armory as there is no way to replicate the gambling aspect with enhancements however there is the extremely useful factor here is that each stat is individually separated, allowing you to pinpoint specific weaknesses in your stats.

During this guide we shall look at which stats can be boosted by enhancements, the buildings they can be found in and the scenarios in which they will take effect. We shall then take an in depth look at value for money and devise a priority based list based upon troop tier and troop type. For the purpose of this guide I shall use terms such as troop type attack vs player and troop type defence vs weakness. When these terms occur simply insert the relevant troop type based on your own account.

There are 3 types of enhancements in terms of slate and marble cost which I will categorise in by the following definitions:

High cost - These require marble (in addition to slate) for every single upgrade and the increments in which the stat increases is halved in comparison to the majority of other enhancements. To max one of these from level 1-30 it would take 43 packs to cover the marble requirements.

Medium cost - These only require marble every 3-4 upgrades and increase at double the speed on the aforementioned ‘high cost’ enhancements. To max one of these from level 1-30 it would take 14 packs to cover the marble requirements.

Low cost - These only ever require slate and are therefore the cheapest and easiest to upgrade, also rising and twice the increment of the ‘high cost’ enhancements. To max one of these from level 1-30 it would take 3 packs to cover the slate requirements (using elk event packs).

For the purpose of this guide when I talk about the amounts of slate and marble etc contained in each pack I will be using the numbers which are available for T10 accounts. Unfortunately this quantity differs per troop tier and therefore will have less available for example to T9 players.

Please note that enhancements will also require smalls amounts of brick, pine and keystone particularly towards the higher levels. A large enhancement pack (based on T10 account store as mentioned above) contains 650 keystones which is more than enough to cover the requirements in proportion to what you would need to purchase for slate and marble.

General troop stats
Troop attack - Keep - high cost
Troop defence - Keep - high cost
Troop health - Keep - high cost

These stats will apply in all scenarios unlike the rest of the enhancements which will only apply in PvP scenarios. Unfortunately that is the only positive for this set. They are high cost and half stat meaning the value for money here is not good. To max out (level 30) one of these stats you would need to purchase 43 large enhancement packs to cover the marble cost for a maximum of 38% boost to each stat which is less than 1% per pack and therefore simply not worth the investment. It is much easier to increase these stats through other methods such as wearable gear so I would avoid wasting marble and slate on these enhancements.
Priority = very low

Troop stats vs player
Troop attack vs player - Maesters Tower - high cost
Troop defence vs player - Shrine - medium cost
Troop health vs player - Shrine - high cost

Here we get more specific with stats that only take effect in PvP scenarios. The attack and health are similar to the previous section in that they are high cost and half stat. Interestingly you will see that the defence equivalent is medium cost and full stat meaning you can gain up to 76% on defence but only 38% on attack and health. This is likely due to defence being harder to come by in armory stats whereas attack and health are much more common. If you are a player that uses more than 1 troop type or is in a position where your keep can be soloed/rallied then this would be a major help. Due to the above reasons I would put this enhancement as the very top of the list.
Priority = very high (defence), low (attack/health)

Troop type stats vs player
Infantry attack vs player - Barracks - medium cost
Infantry defence vs player - Wall - medium cost
Infantry health vs player - Storehouse - medium cost
Cavalry attack vs player - Stable - medium cost
Cavalry defence vs player - Wall - medium cost
Cavalry health vs player - Storehouse - medium cost
Ranged attack vs player - Range - medium cost
Ranged defence vs player - Wall - medium cost
Ranged health vs player - Storehouse - medium cost

The increasingly specific trend continues here as we move onto enhancements that work only fo specific troop types. Depending on what your primary troop type is your approach here could differ greatly. For example Infantry has very high attack from armory boosts and Cavalry has very high health from armory boosts so you wouldn’t need to work on the corresponding enhancements as much. As previously mentioned defence stats are harder to come by so I’d suggest focusing on your troop type defence vs player. In addition to that I’d suggest that Infantry players also focus on health and cavalry players focus on attack. Range is much more balanced in the armory so I’d suggest an additional focus on attack and then health.
Priority = high (defence), variable (attack and health)

Troop type stats vs weakness
Infantry attack vs ranged - Rookery - low cost
Infantry defence vs ranged - Barracks - low cost
Cavalry attack vs infantry - Rookery - low cost
Cavalry defence vs infantry - Stable - low cost
Ranged attack vs cavalry - Rookery - low cost
Ranged defence vs cavalry - Range - low cost

We now move on the the most specific stats on offer through enhancements. Here we have your troop type attack and defence against another designated troop type. Due to the volume of combinations I’ve split them into weakness, same type and strength sections. Once again simply apply the troop type of your account to these scenarios. You will find that these stats are a little less common than the previous ones both on wearable gear and armory boosts so enhancements are the best place to fine tune them. It’s important to note here that these stats act as multipliers instead of simple addition like all the other stats so depending on your base stats you will be gaining much more than the actual stat number that is displayed which makes these even better value.

Defending against your weakness is obviously going to be difficult and therefore you need all the help you can get so I would also put defence vs weakness at the top of the to-do list. Attack vs weakness is also very useful although I would suggest that in attacking scenarios you would switch to your secondary troop type to counteract it. You can easily reach level 20+ in these enhancements with just 1 venison pack traded in for slate.
Priority = very high (defence), medium/high (attack)

Troop type stats vs same type
Infantry attack vs infantry - Great Hall - low cost
Infantry defence vs infantry - Training Yard - low cost
Cavalry attack vs cavalry - Great Hall - low cost
Cavalry defence vs cavalry - Training Yard - low cost
Ranged attack vs ranged - Great Hall - low cost
Ranged defence vs ranged - Training Yard - low cost

You will often find yourself attacking or defending against the same troop type particularly in kingdoms which seem to have one dominant troop type. These stats are very useful for many PvP situations such as strategic nodes and therefore are definitely worth working on.
Priority = high

Troop type stats vs strength
Infantry attack vs cavalry - Smithy - low cost
Infantry defence vs cavalry - Barracks - low cost
Cavalry attack vs ranged - Smithy - low cost
Cavalry defence vs ranged - Stable - low cost
Ranged attack vs infantry - Smithy - low cost
Ranged defence vs infantry - Range - low cost

You tend to find that you gain a lot of stats against the troop type that yours has an advantage over through wearable gear and armory boosts so I would say these enhancements are less important than the equivalents against weakness and same type, however considering they are low cost it’s definitely worth working on them after the more important ones.
Priority = low/medium

Siege stats
Siege attack vs player - Workshop - medium cost
Siege defence vs player - Workshop - medium cost
Siege health vs player - Workshop - medium cost
Wall damage bonus - Maesters Tower - medium cost

This comes very much down to your style of play. Some people pride themselves on their Siege ability and some do not value it very highly at all. Siege is only ever going to be used to bring down a wall and never against players. The only reason to work on the vs player stats here would be to minimise losses when you get sniped trying to bring down a wall. Wall damage bonus however is much more important and if you are a regular user of siege I would definitely put some work into this particular enhancement.
Priority = very low (attack/defence/health), variable (wall damage bonus)

March Speed stats
March Speed - Watchtower - medium cost
March Speed vs SOPs - Shrine - high cost
March Speed vs creatures - Watchtower - low cost
March Speed reinforcing - Watchtower - low cost
March Speed vs resources - Maesters Tower - low cost

Finally we have a variety of March Speed stats. March speed vs SOPs is high cost/half stat and can be picked up much easier through armory and gear so I would avoid it here. March speed reinforcing and vs resources do not bare much importance so again I feel the slate and marble would be better off used elsewhere. March speed vs creatures is certainly very useful but I would consider it a luxury stat and would only work on this after the more important enhancements providing you have the resources. The general march speed stat will have effect in all of these scenarios plus many more not specified so I would most certainly work on that where possible.
Priority = medium/high (march speed), low (vs creatures), very low (vs sops, reinforcing, vs resources)

Based upon the information discussed and taking into account certain variables depending on your primary troop type and style of play I would suggest the following targets as a rough guideline:
T11 players - level 30 for high/very high priority, level 26 for medium priority
T10 players - level 26 for high/very high priority, level 23 for medium priority
T9 players - level 23 for high/very priority, level 20 for medium priority
F2P/low spender - focus on the high priority enhancements as much as possible.
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