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game tiers guide

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PostSubject: game tiers guide game tiers guide Icon_minitimeSun Jan 05, 2020 7:52 pm

People are often mislead, focusing solely on power increase. This puts them in a vulnerable state. If you look more closely at how power is calculated, it is clear: Power comes with upgrades, research, dragon level, talents and researchz troop training, and gear. However, upgraded buildings will not help attacks.

On the one hand, research gives inaccurate power levels. At first, developers tried fixing it. Then some complained about power loss. However, it made others easier to evaluate without scouting.

On the other hand, research is important, because it makes troops stronger and more specialized in what they do, depending on research type.

Equipment helps a bit, depending on the gear. But many deceive themselves into thinking their high level gear is going to save them. Troops are important.

Keep in mind, you use 1 full march size per attack. If you have 12 million power, the offensive is probably 400k.

It is better to defend, if you can. All power in your keep is there for defense against the attacker's one  march. You may end up healing troops, but chances are you're going to defeat the attacker with all three of your marches inside. Many of theirs will be dead.


Alright. The game has several levels of players who make an impact:

1. Keep 13/T5 troops are achievable by both fun2play and pay2play individuals. You can build a mean army, have 3 marches, and a huge wounded capacity. 90k/T5 troops give you a million power.

2. Keep 16/T6 troops are achievable by a p2p player. It will take a few months for a f2p player, though it is still achievable. At keep 15, you unlock the ability to mine iron. At this level, you burn enough troops to reach 4-6 million power.

3. Keep 19/T7
f2p-time: 6-9 months
Troop type: offensive
Dragon: Whelp - Adolocent
Gear f2p: lvl30 blue

4. Keep 22/T8
f2p-time: 12-15 months
Troop type: defensive
Dragon: Adolocent and theoreticly Adult (needs dragon pit lvl22)
Creature slaying: lvl30 (keep22k-35 (with keep24) with Adolocent talents
Gear as f2p: lvl30-35
3rd Maester Chain (lvl23-24)

5. Keep 26/T9 troops
f2p time: 20-24 months in a high end alligiance
Troop type: Offensive
Dragon: eventually Adult
Creature slaying: all even without specific vs creature talents.
Gear as f2p: lvl40 blue eventually
4th Maester chain (lvl28)

6. Keep30/t10
Until end 2019 these were the best and only for p2p players. I have no estimate when of if this will be a option for f2p players. T10s are offensive troops. 5th Maester chain

7. Keep34/t11s
4th march?
Even more expensive defensive troops

So...depending on if you are a fun to play or a pay to play gamer, there are various tiers of what can be achieved.

The aforementioned details are important to any allegiance and will make the game more enjoyable (smiles).

Lastly, I've seen many with too much rss open for the taking. This is good for us, since we use the rss to grow and cut down the p2p as mentioned.

if you don't have or need  gold to buy a peace shield:
Avoid being a target, keep your rss below the protected amount (game or kingdom rule), sent your troops out to gather or keep them save in a locked SOP or at bubbled player.

if you have the gold to bubble
At a certain point you won't be able to grow your keep with protected resources. Hopefully you earn enough gold from creature slaying events, dragon feeding events, Varys events (and alliagiance gifts and event rewards) to bubble for life while hoading a lot of rss.

Alternatively you can have a very big and strong army which can't be solo-ed by a single player. You will have a meat shield big and strong enough to bubble when needed. And you need to bubble while you sleep.
aim for next keep level or be a strong player at your current tier

When you reach a new troop tier you will make a choice:
focus on getting the next troop tier (produce and hoard lots of rss and have a army strong and big enough to hunt creatures and defend SOPs and participate in strategic terrain, bubble4life) or focus on being a strong player of that troop tier (spent your rss on lots of troops, be able to (re)train and heal troops fast, play offensive, have a strong meat shield, only bubble when sleeping).
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game tiers guide

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