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defensive focus

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PostSubject: defensive focus defensive focus Icon_minitimeSun Jan 05, 2020 7:04 pm

Now that good stuff is done let us focus on more defensive minded strategies.
I’m just going to point out some of the enhancement paths to pay attention to. First, after your initial keep choices, for defensive, and ranged, head to the shrine. Let’s make the most of your power!

defensive focus Image0

now with ranged go back and following the troop attack as described, because ranged and cavalry attack is obscenely high already but health and defense is lacking

defensive focus Image0

Increasing your defensive strategy lessens the amount of troop loss and wounded, which means most rss’s in your pocket for things that really are important. Training yard and Wall enhancement would be next for you.

defensive focus Image0

Lastly your health is just as important in your defensive strategy, which will inevitably return you to the shrine and then the storehouse.

defensive focus Image0
defensive focus Image0

Then go and increase your defensive areas for your barracks, ranged, and stable.
Once you’ve done all to the point of three-four upgrades, you will be looking at a 1-2% increase across the board. Then please return to your keep and maximize troop enhancements over spec.
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defensive focus

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