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Beginner's Research Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner's Research Guide Beginner's Research Guide Icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2020 8:57 am

Hey guys ! So going to be talking about the lovely Maester Tower here! As most of the more seasoned players know, research used to be what could make or break your stats. Before armory came out, your attack/defense/health stats were dependent on research, gear your wore, and enhancements on your building. With the addition of your armory, things have changed a bit but this is still a very crucial part of your gameplay. So let's get into it!

There are 6 trees within the Maester tower, with 5 of them having corresponding Maester Chain's to go with (the exception is Military II tree)
Research requires:
🔸 Scholarly Fragments (farmable on Mondays)
🔸 Pale Steel Shards (farmable on Wednesdays)
🔸 Red Flakes (Obtainable through expeditions, events, packs or sometimes dailies/creatures)
🔸 Various amounts of food/wood (This often increases with the further down you make it in the tree)

Research can get quite challenging to max after you get to a certain point due to the increase requirement amount of rss & mats, but it can be effectively done if you are efficient in what you research and using all your tools.

:Ways to Save:
🔸 Focus mainly on your specific troop type in Military trees
🔸 Utilizing Thorned Bride gear for Military trees
🔸 Utilizing Buffs from Events, Seats, Titles, Region Boost (Riverlands Region give maester speed buff when alliance holds Riverrun, while Range seats give maester speed buff to holder)
So let's talk about which tree does what, and which trees provide you with the best boost on your stats.

The Military tree is going to give you troop buffs for any situation. This ranges from basic increase in health/attack/defense, increase march size to training speed and march speed. This essentially is going to be your most beloved tree due to the wide range of buffs you can obtain here. There are a few that are very important to focus on here, but they can get quite expensive.

🔸 Command - So who here loves their march size? 🤚 If you've ever seen me talk about why people lose battles, it's 97.6% of the time going to be me saying "March Size Matters". Your march size is ultimately going to be the deciding factor on what battles you win or lose. So the command line is going to be your friend. This line is going to boost your max march size. Bigger march size equals more power, better chances of win, and more space for you to fit those nicely buffed troops in. When command is maxed to Command III, you will have a whopping 14k buff to your march size. Definitely a help right?

🔸 Stewardship - This is a rather basic line, but it's how you max out your march slots. Once maxed, you'll have your 4th march. This is important because the more marches you have, the faster you can farm, more attacks, more reins, more rallies ... all that fun stuff!

🔸 Troop Buffs - This isn't one specific line, but rather a few different lines that are geared towards all 4 troop types (yes siege is a troop type, but not one that we recommend you maining in, unless you want to troll). Each troop type has buffs that apply for every situation. Based on your troop main, you'll want to work on maxing out these. Some lines you have to go through other troop types to get to. For example, I need to do Siege Master III and Rucking Pace III to unlock Cavalry Fortitude III. If one step to your next specific line requires you to do something out of your main, don't fret. You won't have to max it out, normally just doing a few levels within that line will do.
🔸Enlistment/Rucking Pace - These two are very important also, but can also sometimes be put on the back burner if you're struggling for rss (I'll get into why in a moment). The Enlistment line is going to give you a buff for your training speed, while Rucking Pace is going to give you a buff for your march speed. Both very important things right? So getting the first couple lines maxed isn't a bad idea. But here's where that note above comes into play.

Do you see in this picture how it cost 113 MILLION RSS to get a 1% increase in march size? Like woah WB.

Beginner's Research Guide Image010

Now let's look at this armory set Do not come for my armory lol it's a work in progress this is just being used as an example With these very basic pieces in this set, I get a 9% increase in march speed! Imagine if that was a quality set in there!! This also applies for training speed, and for the troop buffs I mentioned above. If you don't have the rss to work on these lines that are further down the tree, look at your armory.

Beginner's Research Guide Image011

Military II
Okay so holy moly Military II is expensive 😅 This tree is pretty much just an extension of Military I in what buffs it can add, but instead of seeing just a 1% increase, you get 2%! It's also pretty much double the cost. I honestly wouldn't recommend focusing on this tree until you get all your other trees where you'd like them to be, as most of the buffs you'll get from here can easily be obtained by some armory work.

City Defense
For all you trap fans out there, this is your fun right here. The city defense tree is going to give you buffs on just that, your defense. They may not seem too important, but some of the lines are going to be a great help to you especially on those wonderful pvp weekends or even during sop opens. Here's a few important ones to focus on

🔸 Strengthen Wall - This is required to start in order to get the other lines to open up. At max level, you'll have a wall health buff of 12k. If you are prone to getting zero'd, 1.) I'd consult with someone on how bubbles work. 2.) I'd work on this a bit.

🔸 Murderholes/Bulwark - So these are your two defender buffs in this tree. Murderholes (what a name right? lol) is going to provide you with increase attack for troops while defending, and Bulwark is going to provide you with increase defense while defending. This buff applies to wherever you troops are, so sops, nodes, etc. At max level, these buffs equal to a +10% buff for each.

🔸 Deadly Spikes/Bolts/Oil - Just trap buffs, not really a priority to me but if you love those traps and have the extra rss, go for it!

🔸 Red Priest - This is a good line to work on. This is going to provide you with dead to wounded conversion buffs, but just like those military lines, it's only going to be a 1% increase. I stopped at Red Priest II because look at these requirements. 255 million food/wood ANDDDDD 15 million iron? No one has time for that WB

Beginner's Research Guide Image012

Logistics is a good tree to look at due to its wide range of buffs. They vary from construction buffs to wounded cap to equipment loadout, so def somewhere you want to spend time working on. Plus, they don't cost nearly as much as the other trees. Here's some of the important ones.

🔸 Forced March - This increases your march speed to creatures It's a bit more improved when it comes to how much that increase is, as it provides 10% buff with each level, instead of the seemingly standard of 1%. At max rank for Forced March II, you can add a whole 100% march speed buff to creatures.

🔸 War Supplies - This is the most important line in this tree. It's going to increase your march speed to seats of power. If you plan on racing to seats, battling at seats, trying to snipe seats, anything involving seats =, you're going to want this maxed. Max lvl gives you 100% increase buff. You'll need it!

🔸 Equipment Loadout - You'll def want to work on this even if you normally don't switch sets for battle. This line will give you slots to quick change gear sets. So even if you only wear a nights watch set, you can make a new slot and add in your march speed gear, march size gear, training/healing/etc. It's beneficial so you can quickly change instead of going through your equipment each time you want to change gear.
🔸 Triage/Healing - So triage is a good line to work on, and possibly max. It's going to give you wounded cap buff. This means your med tents will have extra room for your troops during battle. At max you'll get 30k extra cap! Pair this with Healing line, which increases your healing speed. Unfortunately, this is only increased by 2% in each level. But I guess that's better than 1% right? 😅

There's definitely other lines in there that are good to work on, like stamina regeneration or troop load, but those above are the most important ones to work on. Again, these are things you can also buff with your armory. So double check that always before you freak out about having to open a ton of boxes to afford your research.

Lol okay so economy is the most useless tree in the tower. But for education sake we can talk about it. So this tree is relating to your resources gathered, resource production, and your storehouse cap. This is a very good tree to have your available maester work on passively. It's a relatively cheap tree and it's good to use for completing dailies.

🔸 Storehouse - This would be the only one I would say is overall completely beneficial, because it adds to your protected rss cap, but in order to get to the Storehouse II you have to go through every other line and it's def a waste of time so again, just something I would do passively and in between events

Advanced Military
Woooooooowww we made it to the last tree! Alright so this is a biggie! So many buffs for your troops in these lines, so take some time to go through them and see what benefits you. I also would recommend focusing on your main troop type when maxing, but you'll have to go through one level of something you don't main in order to get further down the line. So let's look at important ones.

🔸 Troop Surge - This will boost your max march size against player. This stacks also with your other march size buffs. So again, increase march size equals more power and damage behind those pvp attacks. disclaimer, I'm going to say pvp alot here, but when I say pvp, that means player vs player no matter the day or event. Pvp isn't just a weekend event. Wanted to clarify since I've had some questions on that

🔸 Hasten Troops - Max march speed against player. Same concept, get to your enemy faster in pvp.

🔸 Embolden - These next few ones are specific on troop type, so just follow the lines of the one you're maining. So this line will give you boost for your troop attack during pvp, whether you're defending or attacking. Disclaimer on this, yes your troops still attack when you're defending. They have to attack back right? So in case that's confusing, just think that when an enemies troops are beelining towards your troops, they aren't going to just stand there, they will defending themselves by attacking back. Alright thanks

🔸 Grit - Boost health of specific troop type. So for example the Infantry Grit line is going to boost the health of your infantry.

🔸 Bolster - Boost defense of specific troop type.

🔸 Attack vs.  - Self explanatory in the name. It's going to boost your attack vs whatever troop type the line indicates.

🔸 Defense vs.  - Same premise just defense this time.

Again these are going to be great for you work on for your pvp stats. They are fairly cheap in rss price, but unfortunately it does follow that standard 1% increase.

So as you can see, there's many aspects to the tower, and this is just the main trees. Dragon tree is a whole new set of trees and lines and lore and oof. So we'll be posting information about that in Dragon channels.. Remember, don't stress if you can't afford to max out every line in every tree! Work on ones you can, and look to the armory to fill in any blanks. Some seats and titles do have maester buffs, so if you do plan on going hard on research, try and get one of those. Also, look at crafting a Thorned Bride set. Mine is horrible but it does make Military research a bit cheaper! Look at the difference it makes in these rss prices. If you have any further questions, let a Maester know, otherwise thanks for reading and good luck!

Beginner's Research Guide Image013

Beginner's Research Guide Image110
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Beginner's Research Guide

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