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Kingdom Diplomacy

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PostSubject: Kingdom Diplomacy Kingdom Diplomacy Icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2020 3:09 pm

by: howard_duc

1. Kingdom Rules:
Kingdom rules are rules not created by the game but by the players, (typically) counsels of the major alliances within certain kingdoms. Most of the rules created within kingdoms are to help lower level players grow easier and to not be hit, one such rule is known as the “1 mil rule.” Basically if you have under 1 million in a single resource (wood, food, stone, or iron) you can’t be attacked, “can’t” has limits however, during PvP any rules created get thrown out. This is the time where you need to be on top of your bubble game. Unfortunately not everyone will respect the rules either. There will be people you are playing against that will not listen to their T1 and T2s, or the T1 and T2s aren’t very reliable when it comes to disciplining their bannermen.

2. Alliance Mergers:
Fairly self explanatory but alliance mergers are very helpful in certain situations. Just in case you aren’t aware of what they are... alliance mergers are when 2 (or more) alliances combine to create one stronger one. At the very beginning of a kingdom this can be a great idea, if you establish dominance very quickly you will have more access to SOPs, leaderboard rewards, etc. When alliances merge, the players of each alliance (typically the counsel) will decide which players will leave and join the new alliance. Sometimes not all players in one will make it to the new alliance, there is a limited number of spaces, so most likely only the most active or biggest players will transfer. If there is enough room for your alliance then maybe everyone will go, but this is unlikely to happen if both alliances have alot of players, at this time any and all inactive people will most likely be kicked. Another instance where alliance mergers will take place is when the T1 goes inactive or loses their account, this is something I’ve personally seen happen and many people don't seem to know what to do. The T2s will either migrate to another alliance or decide amongst themselves who will become the new T1 and keep the alliance together with the other T2s joining under the chosen player.

3. Alliance NAPs:
NAP stands for (Non-aggression pact.) What this means generally between alliances is that you don’t attack their players and SOPs and they won’t attack yours. Once again, negotiated by the counsel of the alliances involved, but I’ve typically seen this NAP happen between the 2nd-3rd largest alliance and 4th-5th, as an attempt to grow. A NAP of this such nature might be followed with an alliance merge in an attempt for the 2nd largest to become the 1st. With regards to PvP, usually NAPs stay in effect during PvP and neither team will attack the other. This extends to their SOPs, and depending on the people, things like strategic terrain will also be factored in to the NAP.

4. Sister Alliances:
Sister alliances are alliances that are created when there is an excess of people in the main alliance or when leadership wants to make way for stronger players without abandoning the smaller ones. While these alliances aren’t the same and the sister alliance is smaller they are still very related. A T2 or sometimes active T3 from the main alliance will hop over to become the T1 of the new sister alliance. Usually counsel will allow people to switch between alliances during rallies, PvP, etc. This secondary alliance will obviously have a permanent NAP with the main one. The main difference between the two is strength and activity. All the bigger players will typically stay in the original alliance unless they go to become counsel in the sister alliance. The second alliance can also serve as a learning experiencefor players. Those who do well in the sister alliance can rise to the main one eventually. After a while, if it comes to that, you’ll have an alliance chain. Even if you only have two linked alliances they should still share a main Discord/LINE for trouble shooting, suggestions ect., as well as separate chats/channels for each individual alliance.

Overall, while brute force does work within GoT-C, playing the politics game can greatly benefit you in the long run, even more than being a wallet warrior. If you use these tactics together however, you might just end up the strongest player in the kingdom
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Kingdom Diplomacy

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