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ranged gear

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PostSubject: ranged gear ranged gear Icon_minitimeWed May 27, 2020 10:13 am

Ranged Gear

With the season 4 gear not yet released for Archers I will concentrate on seasons 1 - 3 pieces.
The gear sets shown will be Fine level 30 (this counts for gear levels 30 and 35) and Fine level 40.

ranged gear CollageMaker_20200404_133735700

Despite the headpiece being season one (which many players automatically assume to be weak compared to seasons two and three) the Corsair headpiece is favourable at this level due to its double attack stat making it slightly stronger than the Nights Watch headpiece in attacking situations. If you are defending an SOP then switch it for the Nights Watch Ranger Hat as that is much stronger defensively.

ranged gear CollageMaker_20200405_235006838

At gear level 40 the Nights Watch Headpiece is favoured as it gains the additional Health vs Player stat. Again a piece of season one gear is favoured as the Corsair Goldenwood Bow has all three basic stats as well as an added Defence boost.
There are a few important other Range pieces that are invaluable to all players. I will show these at Poor level 40 because we aren't looking at stat percentage here it is simply the Boost in itself. If you dont have enough materials to craft all of the items shown in the sets above then the following two items can be substituted in to your gear set as they are dual use items and will then be available to use in another gear set.

ranged gear 20200404_160623-1
ranged gear 20200404_160649-1

These are both fantastic items to build into your healing cost efficiency gear set so you can add them to your range set to save on materials (especially good for f2p players).

ranged gear 20200404_160756-2

The final piece of Ranged gear is aimed specifically at those who like to use their Dragon to attack keeps and sops. Adding the Conquerers Horned Crown gives you a troop defence and attack boost stat as well as an added Range Attack vs Player and Dragon Attack boost. As the Gear level increases you gain two more stats in Dragon Health Bonus (gear level 30) and Dragon Marching Speed (gear level 40).


There are currently three Trinkets for Archers but only one really stands out. The Rangers Quiver is by far the strongest of the three. With four stats compared to two stats on the other Ranged trinkets it is kind of a no brainer. If, however, you don't have enough materials for it then the Sharks Tooth trinket is advised as second choice. The Wildling Arrowhead is only advised of you can craft it to a high level and standard as it only has one really beneficial stat.

All three Trinkets are shown at Fine level 40. They do not gain or lose stats dependent on what level they are crafted at, only the percentage of the stat will increase or decrease dependant.

ranged gear CollageMaker_20200405_072432091

For other information about this troops types see our range speacific page click here
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ranged gear

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