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trinket crafting

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PostSubject: trinket crafting trinket crafting Icon_minitimeWed May 27, 2020 12:08 pm

Trinkets are one of those things about crafting that follow some of the rules of crafting gear, yet they don't. Despite the fact that Trinkets follow gear sets & seasons, they are not found in the Event Gear panel of the Smithy and they don't have any armory type display system (yet, I still have hopes they will). Trinkets range from production buffs to attack buffs and we even have quite a few for Dragon feeds and experience as well, plus attack vs. the dead. In this guide I will go over trinkets and break down how to craft them. I will also post a video of my crafting The Book of Brothers trinket during an event and show some craft gambling within the video.
In the smithy there are 5 categories to select from, to craft trinkets you go into "Recipes" panel and there are icons for each gear piece at the top of the page. For Trinkets you go to the gem looking one on the end. From there it will display all of the trinkets that are out and available to you to craft, starting with the highest level according to house level. As with other gear, you can only craft the level for trinkets as it corresponds to your house level (house level 35 can craft level 35 or lower, but can't craft a level 40).
trinket crafting Capture_2020-04-13-15-55-03

As with other gear, you can filter the trinkets shown based on what buff you are looking for. 1st image below is the filter image and it continues down for every gear buff available when you search for specific. If you select a general filter then you could end up with multiple results. 2nd image is showing a "combat" filter with 1483 hits (total, not separated by level).
trinket crafting Capture_2020-04-13-15-59-23
trinket crafting Capture_2020-04-13-16-05-48

All trinkets follow the same rules except for three (will discuss later). When crafting a specific trinket you must begin at level 1 and craft the next level of the same trinket. For example, you set out to craft the Dance of Dragons trinket, which is the April 2020 trinket. You start at level 1 and work your way up. If you notice in the level 1 image below, there is no sacrifice piece required for that level. The odds are the same for the materials quality as if you were crafting any other gear, for this example I used all green so I have 100% chance of this piece coming out green. The video below shows me gambling on a piece and explaining the odds on that.

trinket crafting Capture_2020-04-13-16-11-33

Moving up to the level 5 we can see that a sacrifice piece is needed. This is where trinkets get tricky. In the screenshot below you can see that the only available sacrifice piece is the level 1 I crafted above. Trinkets have no templates and require the same trinket at the desired level or lower. They use more of the advanced mats because of this. Because of the high need for mats to get a high level and high quality people tend to hate them.

trinket crafting Capture_2020-04-13-16-14-51

The exception to the above are three trinkets that came out when Dragons were introduced. These three are the Dragonclaw Torque, Dragonlord's Horn and the Young dragon's leash. Each of these three feature feeding experience bonuses for different levels and are useful for feeding dragons and leveling the up quickly. The Livestock Cleaver has a slighty better buff then these other three though, but it follows the other trinket rules unlike the other three. So when looking at the Torque, Horn and the Leash they all have one thing in common that makes them the exception; they all use the exact same advanced material. Because of this they can be interchanged and the Torque can be used as a sacrifice piece for the horn or leash, or any combination of these three. These three are the only exception to trinket crafting rules though unfortunately.

trinket crafting Pixlr_20200413163712540

In order to get materials for trinkets WB has what they call "perception" events. Basically they are events where you hit non-event creatures like lions or boars to get materials for the featured trinket(s). Usually they will encourage one type of trinket but sometimes there will be multiple trinkets available to craft with the mats dropping from random creatures. Posted below is the video I mentioned, which shows crafting during one of the trinket events a few months ago, The book of Brothers trinket went with the Kingsguard gear.

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trinket crafting

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